Best answer: Is DingTalk working in India?

New Delhi : In a bid to disrupt the growing enterprise chat and collaboration app market in India, Alibaba-owned platform DingTalk, on Monday, unveiled an English version that caters to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Is Ding talk banned in India?

The government has blocked access to 43 mobile apps for users in India. Banned apps include AliExpress, Heroes Evolved, DingTalk and Alibaba Workbench, among others.

Is DingTalk a Chinese app?

DingTalk (Chinese: 钉钉; pinyin: Dīngdīng) is an enterprise communication and collaboration platform developed by Alibaba Group. It was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Hangzhou. By 2018, it was one of the world’s largest professional communication and management mobile apps in China with over 100 million users.

Does DingTalk cost money?

The app’s basic features are all free, but users have to pay for hardware and additional cloud storage or conference call minutes, as well as for third party services. Alibaba does not specify DingTalk’s revenue in its financial statements.

What is the difference between DingTalk and DingTalk Lite?

Despite the recent rise, Dingtalk faces backlash from users, especially students, for arguable user experinces. Chinese productivity apps including Dingtalk, WeChat Work, and Lark were recommended by UNESCO as the platforms that can facilitate distance learning during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Which apps has been ban in India?

The list included TikTok, Helo, We Chat, Alibaba’s UC Browser and UC News, Shein, Club Factory, Likee, Bigo Live, Kwai, Clash of Kings and Cam Scanner besides others. The apps were blocked under section 69 A of the Information Technology Act and relevant provisions under IT rules 2009.

Can DingTalk track your location?

DingTalk has said it doesn’t allow managers to track (link in Chinese) employees’ real-time locations automatically. However, when a user enables location services, the app will tell managers if an employee was at a location they said they’d be, such as at the doctor or at a client meeting.

What can DingTalk do?

DingTalk helps you to organize all your data, including contacts, documents, emails, images and videos. Org-chart helps you find all your colleagues easily, without having to send them requests. Announcements help you get everyones attention and notify them about any important information.

Can you share screen on DingTalk?

DingTalk is an enterprise communication platform. … In DingTalk, teachers will be able to interact with students in real time online by video conference or sharing screens. Other handy features such as video recording, voice chat, multi-user screen sharing are available to use.

How do I activate DingTalk?

First click “Start DingTalk”, and then click “Accept”, as demonstrated in the two pictures below. Register an account. Click Register, choose the country code for your mobile phone number, and input your mobile phone number. Then, click “Agree and register”.

How do I use DingTalk on my phone?

Simply DING your message from your chats and ensure your recipient receives your important information.

  1. Touch and hold on any message in your chat dialogue and select DING.
  2. Select from 3 types of DINGs, depending on your message, whether it’s a task, meeting or just a regular DING for important information.
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How do I delete my DingTalk account?

For cancellation of DingTalk personal account cancellation, you can log in to the latest version of DingTalk APP by the process of “Me – Settings – Security Center – Account settings – Delete DingTalk Account” to cancel your personal DingTalk account.

How do you block someone on DingTalk?

How to block DingTalk?

  1. Block the listed ports to block DingTalk.
  2. Block the listed http and tls domains to block DingTalk.
  3. Setup a content filter(ie: WFilter), which can block DingTalk via signature matching.

How do you make a group chat on DingTalk?

4-2-How to create department group? Enter the department which you want to set – Click “Edit” at the top right corner. Click “Edit” at the bottom right corner. Click Group Chat if it is “not created yet” – Turn on “Include sub-department employees” if needed.