Best answer: Why was the new city of Delhi deliberately made different from the old city?

What is the main difference between Old Delhi and New Delhi?

Old Delhi is the most historic part of the metropolis, with its origins dating back to the time of the Moghuls. In contrast, New Delhi was designed by the British during colonial times, with much of the architectural work being down to Edwin Lutyens in the 1920s and 1930s.

Are Delhi and New Delhi different places?

Although colloquially Delhi and New Delhi are used interchangeably to refer to the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), these are two distinct entities, with New Delhi forming a small part of the city of Delhi. … The foundation stone of New Delhi was laid by George V during the Delhi Durbar of 1911.

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How did the old city of Delhi change?

The British wanted to Delhi to forget its Mughal past so it changed the old city of Delhi. The area around Fort was completely cleared of gardens, pavilions and mosques. … No worship was allowed in the Jama Masjid for five years. One-third of the city was demolished, and its canals were filled up.

What is difference between Shahjahanabad and New Delhi?

(i) Shahjahanabad was a walled city but this was not the case with the New Delhi. (ii) Shahjahanabad had crowded mohallas and mazes of narrow bylanes. … (iii) New Delhi had better water supply, sewage disposal and drainage facilities. It had trees and parks ensuring fresh air and adequate supply of oxygen.

What makes Delhi different from other places?

Nature Wise Dilli

Apart from its fair share of shortcomings, there’s much the city can boast of. Surrounded by abundant greenery in almost every part of the city, the roads here are lined with green patches, and numerous parks & gardens dot its landscape. … Delhi bleeds green, through and through!

Which are the two parts that make up Delhi How are they different?

There is actually a difference between the two places: New Delhi and Delhi. New Delhi, which is India’s capital, is a territory in Delhi. New Delhi is the seat of the government of India. … It was designed as part of the shifting of the capital of the British Empire from Calcutta to Delhi.

What happened to the old city of Delhi under the British rule?

The British wanted Delhi to forget its Mughal past so it changed the old city of Delhi. The area around the Fort was completely cleared of gardens, pavilions and mosques (though temples were left intact).

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Why is New Delhi called New Delhi?

Colonial Period

It was made a district province of the Punjab. In 1911, it was announced that the capital of British-held territories in India was to be transferred from Calcutta to Delhi. The name “New Delhi” was given in 1927, and the new capital was inaugurated on 13 February 1931.

Why is Delhi called Delhi?

According to legend, the city was named for Raja Dhilu, a king who reigned in the region in the 1st century bce. The names by which the city has been known—including Delhi, Dehli, Dilli, and Dhilli, among others—likely are corruptions of his name.

How did Delhi became a city of refugees Class 8?

Muslims left Delhi for Pakistan and Sikh and Hindu refugees came from Pakistan. As a result the population of Delhi swelled, the kinds of jobs people did changed, and the culture of the city became different. Delhi became a city of refugees as nearly 5,00,000 people entered Delhi from Pakistan.

What changed in the life of the city and its landscape after the British recaptured Delhi in 1857?

Changes made to the city of Delhi by the British after the revolt of 1857: … The area around the Red Fort was cleared of gardens, pavilions and mosques because the British wanted the people in Delhi to forget their Mughal past. Most mosques were either destroyed or put to other uses.

Why did the British changed the capital from Calcutta to Delhi?

Delhi was inaugurated as the capital of India 86 years ago. The British government believed that ruling India from Delhi was easier and more convenient than from Calcutta. Four million British pounds was the cost of shifting the entire administration from Calcutta to Delhi.

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Why did the British choose to hold a grand durbar in Delhi although it was not the capital?

Question 6: Why did the British choose to hold a grand Durbar in Delhi although it was not the capital? Answer: After the 1857 revolt, the British understood the symbolic importance of Delhi for the Indians. Hence, they choose to hold a grand Durbar in Delhi although it was not the capital.

What has given Delhi the look of a modern city *?

Answer: it can be said that modern Delhi is a city given to us by the British. … For example, beautiful architectural monuments build by the Delhi Sultans like the Qutub Minar still add to the beauty of the modern city.