Can I carry alcohol in Mumbai Metro?

The commuters will be allowed to drink only water, said officials. The Mumbai Metro One has appealed to its commuters to refrain from eating or drinking in the train, cautioning them that heavy fines would be levied on the defaulters. … “Consumption of eatables and beverages in metro trains is strictly prohibited.

Is carrying alcohol allowed in Mumbai Metro?


Consumption of eatables and drinks is prohibited inside the trains. … Carrying of firearms without necessary metro security approval is strictly prohibited. Carrying of inflammable materials like petrol, kerosene, fire crackers etc. are strictly prohibited.

Who is allowed in Mumbai Metro?

All commuters (other than those less than 3 feet of height and accompanying a fare-paying commuter) traveling on the Mumbai Metro One must pay the appropriate fare as shown in the fare table exhibited at every Mumbai Metro One station.

Are lighters allowed in Mumbai Metro?

“Apart from one lighter and one matchbox per passenger, we have also allowed passengers to carry tools. We received several requests as labourers travel by metro and carry tools for work,” a CISF official said.

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Is Mumbai Metro allowed for general public?

General public won’t be allowed to commute in Mumbai local trains due to possibility of third wave of COVID-19: Uddhav Thackeray. Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray on Monday said that general public won’t be allowed to commute in Mumbai local trains due to possibility of third wave of COVID-19.

Is it okay to carry alcohol in metro?

“Carrying alcohol bottles and packets strictly prohibited in metro. Liquor falls under the category of flammable items, which include petroleum, all kinds of spirits, and wet batteries,” he said. According to metro staff, a good number of metro passengers are still unaware of the new rules.

Can I carry alcohol in metro?

A lesser-known fine- carrying alcoholic beverages inside the train is prohibited. So leave your beer at home because taking it by metro will cost you AED 500.

Is Mumbai Metro open for everyone?

Mumbai Metro Latest News: Here comes a piece of good news for the commuters on the Mumbai Metro. As per a report by Hindustan Times, the Mumbai Metro is extending its operation hours and also its frequency from Monday. As per the announcement, the commuters will be able to board the Mumbai Metro from 6:30 AM onwards.

Is Mumbai Metro working?

Mumbai Metro One services are operational for commuters between 06:30 hrs to 22:55 hrs.

Can everyone travel in Mumbai Metro?

Though the number of Covid-19 cases has ebbed, the virus has not gone away and the state is urging people to not let their guard down. To control the spread, only fully vaccinated people are allowed on trains. However, the number of fines collected from maskless passengers highlights the need for greater control.

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Can we carry hookah in train?

Shisha…you must pack in your case not hand luggage! just so you are all aware you MUST NOT carry or pack Shisha’s in your hand luggage.

How many passengers are allowed in a private car in Mumbai?

Autorickshaws can allow 2 passengers, other than the driver. Four-wheelers can have drivers and 50 per cent seating capacity. Buses can have full seating capacity, but they cannot allow passengers to stand.

Are trains allowed for ladies in Mumbai?

Though the state government has allowed all women commuter to travel by trains, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has ruled it out. … Mumbai that comes under level three of the unlock order, could permit women commuters along with essential care workers to travel.

Can I travel in Mumbai local train?

At present, only the government employees and essential services staffers are allowed to travel on the suburban locals, apart from the fully-vaccinated citizens, who have completed the 14-day period after the second dose and those who are below 18 years.