Does Delhi Metro go to Greater Noida?

The Greater Noida Authority (GNA) has approved a 14-km-long Metro link, which will directly connect Delhi with Greater Noida through Blue Line. … At present, Aqua Line connects Noida with Greater Noida, but there is no direct connectivity between Greater Noida and Delhi.

Is Metro available from Delhi to Greater Noida?

Noida Metro is a rapid transit system, serving the twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida in Delhi-NCR. It is the second metro system in Noida, the first being Delhi Metro, while for Greater Noida, it is the first.

Which metro goes to Greater Noida?

Nearest Metro Station to Greater Noida Expressway New Delhi

Sr No. Metro Station Name Line
1 Noida Sector 147 Metro Station Aqua Line
2 Noida Sector 148 Metro Station Aqua Line
3 Noida Sector 146 Metro Station Aqua Line
4 Knowledge Park II Metro Station Aqua Line

Is Metro line in Greater Noida?

The Aqua Line is a line of Noida Metro, a rapid transit system in Noida and Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh, India. It consists of 21 metro stations from Sector 51 in Noida to Depot in Greater Noida. The line has been operational since 25 January 2019.

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Is Noida Metro connected to Delhi Metro?

Delhi Metro Blue Line and Noida Metro finally get connected! … Built by NMRC, the walkway also offers free solar powered e-rickshaw services in this stretch to facilitate connectivity between the two metro rail networks.

How can I go to Greater Noida from botanical garden?

The quickest way to get from Botanical Garden Station to Greater Noida is to taxi which costs ₹500 – ₹650 and takes 26 min. How far is it from Botanical Garden Station to Greater Noida? It is 21 km from Botanical Garden Station to Greater Noida. It is approximately 26 km to drive.

Who made Noida Metro?

Noida Metro, also known as Aqua Line, is a mass rapid transportation system developed by Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) with a cost of Rs55. 03bn ($765m) to link Noida and Greater Noida cities in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Which railway station is near to Greater Noida?

New Delhi station is almost an hour far from Greater-Noida and the other railway station is located at Boraki on Delhi-Kolkata line which also provides swift access to South Delhi and Noida.

How do I get from Botanical Garden to Pari Chowk?

The quickest way to get from Botanical Garden Station to Pari Chowk is to taxi which costs ₹500 – ₹650 and takes 21 min. How far is it from Botanical Garden Station to Pari Chowk? The distance between Botanical Garden Station and Pari Chowk is 21 km. The road distance is 27 km.

Is blue line and Aqua Line connected?

NMRC had inaugurated the two-metre wide walkway for pedestrians and a five-metre wide pathway for e-rickshaws to ferry passengers between Aqua Line and Blue Line on August 18, 2019. … While the Aqua Line connects Noida to Greater Noida, the Blue Line provides connectivity to Dwarka in Delhi.

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When Greater Noida West metro work will start?

The work on the 14.5km Greater Noida West Metro corridor project is likely to start by December-end if everything goes according to the plan, said the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) on Tuesday. The NMRC will open the financial bid on December 15 to finalise the agency which will start the construction work.

Can I use Dmrc card in Noida Metro?

Commuters can travel using single metro card in Delhi and Noida metro trains.

How do I get to galgotia University by metro?

The nearest metro station to Galgotia University is Knowlege Park II Metro Station. Knowlege Park II is located on the Aqua Line of Noida Metro. The distance between Galgotias University to Knowledge Park II Metro Station is 13 km. You need to hire an auto-rickshaw or cab to reach there.

Can Delhi Metro card be used in Aqua Line?

The Aqua Line was launched on January 26, 2018, after which the Metro passengers of the Aqua Line, who wish to travel on the Delhi Metro are also required to keep a separate card or token, as the two cards or tokens cannot be used in each other’s Metro services.

Why is Aqua Line not connected to Blue Line?

Concerned authorities must provide connectivity of Aqua Line with Delhi Metro, so that more people can travel,” said Pankaj, a resident of Sector 137. After alighting from the Aqua Line, one has to travel a few kilometres to take the Delhi Metro’s Blue Line at Noida City Centre metro station, he pointed out.

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When did Delhi Metro start?

Delhi Metro

Began operation 24 December 2002
Operator(s) Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Number of vehicles 336 Trains
Train length 4/6/8 coaches