Frequent question: How can I complain to police in India?

One can file a police complaint in the nearest police station in whose jurisdiction the crime was committed. However, in case of an urgency, for a serious offence (cognizable offence), a police complaint can be filed in any police station. The Police Officer will have to register Zero FIR immediately.

How can I complain to Indian police online?

How to file an online FIR:

  1. Go to the official website. (For example: For Delhi Police, visit the official website
  2. Select the service option on the home page. …
  3. A new page will be displayed. …
  4. Recheck the details before submitting.
  5. You will get a copy of the FIR via an e-mail.

How do I write a complaint to the police?

Tips for writing a proper Police Complaint letter

The problem must be precisely described. The complaint must mention the person, to whom it is directed, subject and prayer clause along with your details. The relevant authority must be addressed appropriately. The date and place of the event must be mentioned.

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What to do if police is not helping?

File a Writ Petition in the High Court – With the help of a lawyer, you may also file a writ petition in the High Court of your state if the police officer refuses to take action or file your complaint. This will oblige the police officer(s) to show cause or reasons for not filing your complaint.

How do I file a FIR against the police?

How to lodge an FIR?

  1. The process of filing an FIR is very simple. It is as simple as narrating a story to the police. …
  2. Section 154 of the CrPC gives a choice to the informant to furnish information orally or in writing. If the information is in oral form then the report must be written down by the police officer himself.

Can I file a police report for verbal threats in India?

A police complaint can be filed for abuse , intimidation, defamation under the IPC. … You should a complaint against her the please for criminal intimidation under section 506 of the Indian Penal Code.

What if police misbehave?

If a policeman or a government official misbehaves with you, then you can lodge an FIR under section 323, 504, 506 and 330 of the IPC against that policeman or officer in the police station near you. … You can also take this matter to the State Police Complaints Authority.

How do I prove police harassment?

A person who wishes to file to claim police harassment will need to verify that:

  1. The policeman or law enforcement official who caused the harassment has demonstrated a pattern of harassing behavior. …
  2. The policeman who caused the harassment did not have probable cause or an appropriate warrant for an arrest.
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How do you deal with a rude police officer?

How To Deal With Confrontational Cops

  1. Say as Little as Possible & Don’t Admit Anything.
  2. Exhibit Non-Aggressive Behavior & Speech.
  3. Demonstrate Respect.
  4. If you Must Get Mad, Do it Later!
  5. Next step: contact a Colorado criminal defense attorney.

Can police beat a person?

The person who shot the video has been booked for preventing a public officer from doing his duty. “The traffic police have no authority to beat up anyone for violating rules. Even for a murder, the police cannot thrash an accused,” said Gupte. … “In the Vasai case, the Thane rural police have to decide it,” he said.

What is classed as police harassment?

Harassment by police officers may constitute misconduct, for example, if police officers misuse stop and search, carry out searches without a warrant, carry out surveillance on premises or a home without lawful authority, or make threats against an individual.

How do I write a FIR report?


  1. FIR should be lodged immediately.
  2. It should be recorded in First person.
  3. Attitude/Behaviour towards the victim should be sympathetic.
  4. Technical words should be avoided and as far as possible language of the informer/complainant should be used.
  5. Written complaint should be taken.

Can a police officer slap you in India?

No police man cannot slap you or force you. In case he has done so you can complaint before the Senior police officials and further in case they fail to take steps then file a petition before the High court seeking the relief and inquiry against the said police officer. … Complain to DG/commissioner.

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What are my rights when dealing with police in India?

Section 50(1) of the CrPC provides that “any police officer or other person arresting any person without a warrant shall forthwith communicate to him full details of the offence for which he is being arrested or other reasons for such arrest.” Apart from the provisions of the CrPC, Article 22(1) of the Constitution of …

What should I do if SP is not taking action?

Write an application to the Superintendent of Police concerned, by post under clause 3, Section 154 and Section 36 of the Criminal Procedure Code who in case of a cognizable offence, can either investigate the case himself or direct any police officer subordinate to him to investigate the case.