How can I check my water bill online in Chennai?

Step 1 – On the Home page of the stated website, click on the Pay/Check Water Tax charges. Step 2 – on the following page, opt for Click to view Water Tax & Charges Online Payment. Step 3 – Fill in the required details (as shown below).

How can I register my mobile number in Chennai Metro Water Online?

To register your mobile number, follow the steps given below:

  1. Step 1: Visit the Chennai metro water booking page.
  2. Step 2: Give details of your CMC Number (Consumer Number) in the fields under Register for Dial for Water (Zone Number/Ward Number/Bill Number/Sub Code)

Can I pay water tax online in Chennai?

Users can pay water taxes online to the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB), an organisation under Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department of Tamil Nadu government. One can calculate the water taxes and check the status of charges online.

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How can I pay my water tax online first time in Chennai?

Pay Chennai Property Tax Online

Step1: First, log in to the Chennai property tax online payment portal. Then click the tab ‘Online Payment’ under the ‘Online Civic Services’ section. Step2: Enter zone number, ward number, bill number, and sub number.

How do I change my name in Chennai water tax?

Apply In-Person:

  1. Visit the concerned area office in-person Contacts, Chennai Area Offices.
  2. Procure the prescribed application form for name change request by paying the required application form fee.
  3. Fill all the required details of the form.
  4. Attach the photocopy of all the required documents.

How do I book a water tanker online?

Follow the simple steps below and get your Water Tanker / Trolley booked! Fill all your Booking Details along with the location of devlivery and qty of Water Tanker / Trolley. Once NDMC offcial recevice your application, they fill accept your request as per availability.

How do I book metro water?

Under this scheme, water will be delivered to citizens within two days of booking. The tweet read that citizens can now book water either online through thelink or by calling 044-45674567. However, only 3,000 litres water tankers can be booked through call, said, officials.

How much is water tax in Chennai?

1) Water Tax 1.5% of assessed annual value. 2% per month on recurring basis for the belated payment for water and Sew. Tax and other than domestic categories including metered and 1.5% per month for Domestic category upto 31.3. 03 and reduced to 1.25% per month from 1.4.

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Can we pay water bill through Google pay?

You can pay your bills including mobile, television, electricity, water, and gas using Google Pay.

How can I get my property tax bill number in Chennai?

In order to find property tax bill number, you’ll have to perform the following steps: Visit the official website of Greater Chennai Corporation or click on

How do I download my property tax receipt from Chennai?

How to download Chennai property tax receipt?

  1. Step 1: Visit the Chennai Corporation website.
  2. Step 2: Click on the button for ‘Online Tax Payment’
  3. Step 3: Click on the button for ‘Online Payment Receipt’
  4. Step 4: enter all your details: zone number, division code, bill no.

How can I get metro water connection in Chennai?

Applicant has to remit the Connection Charges, only at the Canara Bank branch located in CMWSS Board Head Office campus. Filled-up Application along with paid ‘c’ challan for the payment of connection charges and necessary enclosures should be registered at the Registration Counter.

What is Metro Water consumer card?

Chennai Metrowater will issue new consumer cards for water and sewerage tax and charges at all its depot offices from Thursday. … Consumers have to furnish details of their premises in the self declaration form, which must be submitted to get the new card.

How do I change my name on my Mcgm water bill?

Change of name on MCGM water bill

One has to secure the application form for change of name, duly fill in all the details and submit it, along with photocopies of documents of proof of identity and the processing fees, to the authority in charge.

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How can I cancel my Metro Water booking in Chennai?

Customers can either log onto the Metrowater website or contact CMWSSB over phone to book a tanker. Tankers, once booked, cannot be cancelled.

How do I change my name on my water tax?

Water Tax Name Transfer

All you need to do is attach the mutation form along with the change of title deed (i.e. change of ownership of the property) copy. In the end, you shall have approval for both types of tax i.e,(property and water tax) liability transfer from the relevant government authorities.