How many companies are there in Chennai?

Chennai is home to over 4,000 IT companies. Know the top IT companies in Chennai city. Chennai is among the top destinations in India for IT professionals. Some of the top IT companies in India have set their base of operations in this southern city.

Which companies are in Chennai?

Top Companies in Chennai Area

  • Accenture. 4.0. 101.5K. 48.6K. Salaries. …
  • Tata Consultancy Services. 3.9. ★★★★★ 85.4K. 77.7K. …
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions. 3.8. ★★★★★ 66.5K. 50.4K. …
  • Capgemini. 4.0. 46.4K. 27.9K. Salaries. …
  • Amazon. 4.3. ★★★★★ 101.4K. 24K. …
  • HCL Technologies. 3.7. ★★★★★ 28.9K. …
  • Zoho. 4.5. ★★★★★ 2.5K. …
  • McKinsey & Company. 4.4. ★★★★★ 6.6K.

What are new companies in Chennai?

Top startups in chennai are:

  • Sulekha.
  • Netmeds.
  • BankBazaar.
  • Flintobox.
  • Zoho.
  • Freshworks.
  • Wandertrails.
  • PipeCandy.

Which company pays highest salary in Chennai?

What are the top paid companies in Chennai? Almost, every tech company offers a good and decent package in Chennai, but the top paid companies in Chennai are Amazon, Zoho, Bank of America, Cognizant, etc.

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What are the top IT companies in Chennai?

Top Software/IT Companies in Chennai

  • Capgemini.
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions.
  • Tata Consultancy Services.
  • Zoho.
  • UST Global.
  • Plintron Global Technologies.
  • Hexaware Technologies.
  • Aspire Systems.

What is a good salary in Chennai?

What salary is needed to live comfortably in Chennai? For a comfortable living, the salary should be around Rs 30,000 – Rs 50,000 per month.

Which is the No 1 IT company in Chennai?

Infosys. Undoubtedly a global leader in the IT space, it is an Indian MNC with an extremely successful business in IT, outsourcing services and consulting services. It was c0-founded by Narayana Murthy in 1981. You have read about the top IT companies in Chennai.

How many companies are there in Tamilnadu?

District in Tamil nadu

Search over 17,48,000 companies, in Tamil nadu.

Where is Zoho located in Chennai?

The research and development campus is in Estancia IT Park, Chennai. Zoho has an office at Tenkasi, from where their product Zoho Desk was built and launched.

What is the best startup company?

Startups: What are the 100 Best Startup Companies to Work for in 2021?

AngelList (2020 List) Forbes (2021 List) LinkedIn (2021 List)
1. AirGarage 1. Hiya 1.
2. Airtable 2. Bestow 2. Gong
3. Bloomscape 3. Unite Us 3. Glossier
4. Calm 4. Curology 4. Discord

Which startup is best in India?

Here are the top 10 start-ups in India:

  1. Unacademy. An e-learning start-up, Unacademy was founded in 2015 in the Indian city of Bengaluru. …
  2. Udaan. An internet portal founded in Bengaluru in 2016, Udaan enables B2B trading for small and medium businesses in India. …
  3. CRED. …
  4. upGrad. …
  5. Razorpay. …
  6. Meesho. …
  7. Skyroot Aerospace. …
  8. boAt.
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What is the salary of Tamil Nadu chief minister?

Chief ministers, MLAs and MLCs

State CM Basic Pay per month (excluding other emoluments and allowances)
Tamil Nadu ₹205,000 (US$2,700) (+Salary received as MLA)
Karnataka ₹200,000 (US$2,700) (+Salary received as MLA/MLC)
Sikkim ₹190,000 (US$2,500) (+Salary received as MLA)
Kerala ₹185,000 (US$2,500) (+Salary received as MLA)

Is Chennai an expensive city?

13,400 for a 1BHK to Rs. 34,000 for a 3BHK. Away from the city center, the prices come down to a range between Rs.

Accommodation Cost in Chennai.

Rentals in Chennai Price Range
2BHK Rs. 9000 /- to Rs. 23,000/-
3BHK Rs. 19,000/- to Rs. 34,000/-
PG (Paying Guest) Rs. 8,900/- to Rs. 13,000/-

Which government job has highest salary in Tamilnadu?

Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

  • Indian Foreign Services. Indian foreign Services officers are selected through Civil Services exams conducted by the UPSC. …
  • IAS and IPS. …
  • Defense Services. …
  • Scientists/Engineers in ISRO, DRDO. …
  • RBI Grade B. …
  • PSU. …
  • Indian Forest Services. …
  • State Service Commissions.