Is Delhi the most polluted city?

New Delhi is world’s most polluted capital for third straight year – IQAir study. … In 2020, New Delhi’s average annual concentration of PM2. 5 in a cubic meter of air was 84.1, the study said, more than double the level of Beijing, which averaged 37.5 during the year, making it the 14th most polluted city in the world.

Is Delhi world’s most polluted city?

Delhi has been ranked as the world’s most polluted capital in a new report that placed India as having the third worst air quality out of 106 countries in 2020. The World Air Quality report by Swiss technology company IQAir, released on Tuesday, mentions that 22 of the top 30 most polluted cities globally are in India.

Why is Delhi the most polluted city in the world?

“Delhi’s most polluted months correlate with the agricultural burning season, which spans October through December. During these months, the average pollution exposure often exceeds the WHO (World Health Organization) annual target 10 ug/m3) by more than 14 times,” the report said.

Is Delhi polluted city?

According to an analysis by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, people in Delhi breathe the worst air between November 1 and November 15 every year. The city has recorded severe air quality on six of the last eight days after Diwali.

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Which area of Delhi is most polluted?

Delhi’s original 13 hot spots were Jahangirpuri, Anand Vihar, Ashok Vihar, Wazirpur, Punjabi Bagh, Dwarka Sector 8, Rohini Sector 16, RK Puram, Bawana, Mundka, Narela, Okhla Phase II and Vivek Vihar.

How harmful is Delhi air?

It is a noxious mix of emissions from its 9 million vehicles, construction dust and burning of waste. On the worst days, the air quality index, a benchmark ranging from zero (good) to 500 (hazardous), exceeds 400.

Why is Delhi so polluted?

Toxic air shrouded Delhi for another day, making it the second most polluted city on the planet as an environment group’s report said vehicles accounted for 50 per cent of the pollution.

Why Delhi is called a mini India?

Delhi is often referred as Mini India because of the many religion and culture that prevail in the area with peace and harmony. . People from around the country have come to settle in the capital in the passing years. Delhi being the capital is the first foot to the beautiful country of India to all foreigners.

Why is Delhi so dusty?

The dust comes from two main places: kicked up by cars along Delhi’s vast and growing road network, and various construction sites. Raw materials like brick and concrete required to carry on with construction are a big contributor to this dust too.

Which area of Delhi is least polluted?

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee’s (DPCC) report — which ranked 39 localities that have air quality monitors — showed that Okhla Phase 2, Lodhi Road, Pusa, Aya Nagar, RK Puram and Nehru Nagar were among the city’s least polluted areas.

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What are the top 3 most polluted cities in the world?

Rankings: 25 Most Polluted Cities in the World in 2021

  1. Lahore, Pakistan (106 µg/m3)
  2. Ghaziabad, India (90 µg/m3)
  3. Delhi, India (87 µg/m3)
  4. Aguascalientes, Mexico (86 µg/m3)
  5. New Delhi, India (79 µg/m3)
  6. Lucknow, India (66 µg/m3)
  7. Muzaffarnagar, India (60 µg/m3)
  8. Dhaka, Bangladesh (55 µg/m3)

How bad is the air quality in New Delhi?

Delhi air quality index (AQI) forecast

Day Pollution level Wind
Saturday, Nov 27 Very Unhealthy 295 US AQI
Today Hazardous 335 US AQI
Monday, Nov 29 Unhealthy 175 US AQI 6.7 mp/h
Tuesday, Nov 30 Unhealthy 165 US AQI 6.7 mp/h