Question: How can I donate my liver in India?

Is it legal to donate liver in India?

India’s legal position on organ donation

In India, organ donations are legal under the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA), 1994, that also legalises the concept of ‘brain death’, a permanent cessation of all brain functions. … If there is any activity in the brain, a person won’t be declared brain dead.

Who can donate liver India?

The donor could either be a relative, spouse, or friend. The blood type of the donor must be compatible with the recipient’s. The donor should be in good physical and mental health. The donor should be between 19-60 years old.

What is the cost of human liver in India?

Less than 2% of liver transplants taking place in India happen in public institutions. This has meant that liver transplants, which cost Rs 20-30 lakh in most cases, are available only to the rich. This is not just an inequitable situation, but an unsustainable one, says a paper.

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Does it cost money to donate a liver?

Donors don’t have to pay for their evaluation.

We don’t want costs to stand in the way of your decision. As a living liver donor, the costs you’ll be responsible for are paying for health maintenance tests to make sure you’re healthy enough to donate a part of your liver.

What is the age limit to donate a liver?

Potential liver donors must not have any serious medical conditions, such as liver disease, diabetes, heart disease or cancer. To become a live liver donor, you must: Be a willing adult between age 18 and 60.

Can a female donate a liver to a male?

Researchers say gender also seemed to play a role in the success of liver transplants, but the findings were less clear. … But when the authors isolated the data from North America, they found female-donated livers that were transplanted into male patients were less likely to succeed than male-donated livers.

What are the side effects of donating liver?

The risk associated with Liver Donation:

  • Possible allergic reaction to anesthesia.
  • Pain and discomfort.
  • Nausea.
  • Wound infection.
  • Bleeding that may require transfusion.
  • Blood clots.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Bile leakage, bile duct problems.

Who can donate liver to a negative?

Note: Rh (the negative or positive element of blood type) has zero effect on compatibility. The donor must be an immediate family member (wife, husband, mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter) or should qualify as a close relative of the patient.

Can a person live without liver?

The liver performs essential, life-sustaining functions. While you can’t live without a liver completely, you can live with only part of one. Many people can function well with just under half of their liver. Your liver can also grow back to full size within a matter of months.

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Is donating your liver Safe?

Even though live liver donation is considered a very safe operation, it involves major surgery and is associated with complications, which may include: Possible allergic reaction to anesthesia. Pain and discomfort. Nausea.

Can I give liver to my father?

A living donor for liver transplant is a close family member defined as a ‘near relative’ in the THO Act. This is defined as spouse, parents, siblings, grandparents, and children of the recipient. Any of these can be a donor as long as they are healthy and pass all their tests and fulfil the requirements of the law.

How much money is required for liver transplant in India?

The cost of a liver transplant can range anywhere between 20 – 25 lakhs. This includes the pre-transplant evaluation, the surgery itself and the post-surgery recovery period. There are certain factors that affect the cost of an organ transplant.

Do we have 2 livers?

The liver has two large sections, called the right and the left lobes. The gallbladder sits under the liver, along with parts of the pancreas and intestines. The liver and these organs work together to digest, absorb, and process food.

Can you drink after donating liver?

Lifestyle Changes. In preparation for liver donation, you may need to make some modifications to your lifestyle. These changes include avoiding recreational drugs, tobacco and alcohol. You cannot drink alcohol for a full year after surgery to allow your liver to recover.

Does donating a liver shorten your life?

Will you have to change your lifestyle after donating? No. However, it is important that all patients who have under gone major abdominal surgery avoid weight gain, smoking and excessive alcohol intake. You should be able to lead a normal, healthy life and return to all your normal activities.

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