What argument did Andrew Jackson use to persuade people that the Indian Removal Act was a good decision quizlet?

Which argument did Andrew Jackson use to persuade people that the Indian Removal Act was a good decision? Removing American Indians will alow white settlers to become wealthier.

Why did Jackson do the Indian Removal Act?

In his 1829 State of the Union address, Jackson called for Indian removal. The Indian Removal Act was put in place to give to the Southern states the land that belonged to the Native Americans. … He opposed Washington’s policy of establishing treaties with Indian tribes as if they were foreign nations.

Why does Jackson claim that removal is a fair exchange?

President Jackson told Congress that he felt the act was fair because a fair exchange of land was being granted and because the General Government proposed to pay the whole expense of the red man’s removal and settlement…

What was the purpose of Andrew Jackson’s message to Congress on Indian removal quizlet?

President Andrew Jackson gave a message on the Indian Removal Act on December 6, 1830. He wanted to tell Congress/ convince Congress that the Native Americans needed to be moved West of the Mississippi River so that the land could be used by the white Americans.

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How did Andrew Jackson feel about the Indian Removal Act quizlet?

How does Jackson perceive his own policy of Native American removal? Jackson believed whites and Native Americans could not coexist. Jackson believed he was protecting their way of life, their culture. Protecting them from annihilation.

What were the effects of the Indian Removal Act?

Intrusions of land-hungry settlers, treaties with the U.S., and the Indian Removal Act (1830) resulted in the forced removal and migration of many eastern Indian nations to lands west of the Mississippi.

Why was the Indian Removal Act a good thing?

Native American removal would reduce conflict between the federal and state governments. It would allow white settlers to occupy more of the South and the West, presumably protecting from foreign invasion. … By separating them from whites, Native Americans would be free from the power of the U.S. government.

How does Jackson support his views on Indian Removal *?

Jackson’s attitude toward Native Americans was paternalistic and patronizing — he described them as children in need of guidance. and believed the removal policy was beneficial to the Indians. Most white Americans thought that the United States would never extend beyond the Mississippi.

What were the arguments for and against Indian removal quizlet?

The major arguments against indian removal were that they should try to assimilate the Indians into American society as was done with the Cherokees, and many also felt that it was unethical to just get rid of any agreements that they had made with the Indians just because they felt they were superior.

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What were the reasons for the Indian Removal Act quizlet?

People in Georgia wanted to expand into the South to have more room to grow crops. The Indians were forced to move out of their Native Land. You just studied 16 terms!