What was the main obstacle of India’s progress?

India’s political and economic history has led it to become one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Despite being a newly industrializing nation, India continues to face challenges of over population, poor water and sanitation, and low adult literacy rates.

What is an obstacle in the Indian economy?

The obstacles are: 1. Poor Capital Formation 2. Political Factors 3. Lack of Infrastructural Facilities 4. Poor Performance of the Agricultural Sector 5.

What are the major challenges of Indian economy?

Let’s first look at the current challenges.

  • 1: Two years worth of GDP growth has been lost.
  • 2: Both retail and wholesale inflation is trending up.
  • 3: Poor credit offtake in the commercial sector.
  • 4: Inadequate spending by the government.
  • 1: The slow pace of vaccination and a possible third Covid wave.

What is one of the important obstacle in Indian economic development?

According to Thomas Shea the four important barriers to economic development in India an context are caste, pattern of land tenure, population growth, and property laws (which lead to fragmentation of landholdings).

What are the main obstacle of economic development?

These obstacles are: high population growth rates, high illiteracy rates, poor infrastructure, human capital inadequacies, foreign currency gap and capital flight, unsafe water supplies, inadequate housing facilities, ethnic and religious conflict, corruption, poor governance, poor health services, primary product …

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What are problems faced by India?

What are the current major issues in India?

  • Corruption. The most widely spread endemic in India is corruption, which must be handled quickly and wisely. …
  • Illiteracy. The percentage of illiteracy in India is alarming. …
  • Education System. …
  • Basic Sanitation. …
  • Healthcare System. …
  • Poverty. …
  • Pollution. …
  • Women’s Safety.

What are the problems of Indian industry?

12 important Industrial Problems faced in India

  • Unbalanced Industrial Structure. …
  • Low Demand. …
  • Regional Concentration. …
  • Loss in Public Sector Industries. …
  • Industrial Sickness. …
  • Lack of Infrastructure. …
  • Improper Location Base. …
  • Lack of Capital.

What is the biggest obstacle to country’s growth and development?

A country’s poverty is itself a major obstacle to growth and development. Because a country is poor, it cannot develop.

What are the types of obstacles?

Different types of obstacles include physical, economic, biopsychosocial, cultural, political, technological and military.

What is the biggest barrier to development?

Barriers to Economic Growth and Development

  • Poor infrastructure.
  • Human capital inadequacies.
  • Primary product dependency.
  • Declining terms of trade.
  • Savings gap; inadequate capital accumulation.
  • Foreign currency gap and capital flight.
  • Corruption, poor governance, impact of civil war.
  • Population issues.