Where did Portuguese set up their first factory in India?

On 13 September 1500, Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral arrived at Calicut in Kerala and established a factory which was the first European factory in India. Read more on this important event in modern Indian history for the IAS exam.

Where did Portuguese set up their first factory?

Portuguese established their first factory in India at Calicut in 1500 AD. This factory was abandoned in 1525 AD due to the opposition of Zamorin of Calicut.

When was first factory of Portuguese established in India?

Vasco da Gama, discoverer of the sea route to India (1498), established the first Portuguese factory (trading station) there in 1502, and the Portuguese viceroy Afonso de Albuquerque built the first European fort in India there in 1503.

Who established 1st factory in India?

Calcutta. Hint: Thomas Best was an English captain who had sunk four Portuguese ships. This impressed the Mughal Governor and therefore he gave them a treaty which was approved by emperor Jhangir who gave them trading rights. Complete answer: The first English factory in India was established at Surat.

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When was the first factory made in India?

By January 1613, the first East India Company factory had come up at Surat. Four centuries later, those early footprints of the British Empire have been obliterated.

Which was the first European factory in India?

13th September 1500: Portuguese Explorer Pedro Alvarez Cabral Lands in Calicut and Opens the first European Factory in India. On 13th September 1500, Pedro Alvarez Cabral, a Portuguese explorer and navigator arrived in Calicut and opened the first European factory in India.

Where Dutch founded their first factory in India?

In India, Dutch established their first factory in Masulipatnam in 1605. Masaulipatam is the second largest port in the province and also the port was under the control of Dutch and East Indies companies.

Where did British first factories in India?

The company established its first Indian factory in 1611 at Masulipatnam on the Andhra Coast of the Bay of Bengal; and a second at Surat in 1612.

Where did the East India Company set up its first factory in India?

Thanks to a treaty in 1613 with the Mughal emperor Jahangir, it established its first factory in Surat in what is now western India.

Where did the English opened their first factory in eastern India?

The British East India Company opened its first factory on the east coast at Masulipatnam. On west Coast, it was Surat.

When and where was first English factory set up?

East India Company begins Trade in Bengal: 1. In 1651, the first English factory was set up on the banks of river Hugli and first English factory was opened up at Surat in 1608.

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