Where is Indian Lake from the Cowsills song?

Where is the Indian Lake that the Cowsills sang about?

A: 1) The “Indian Lake” that the Cowsills sang about in 1968 was rumored to be about Michigan’s northern Indian Lake (in the UP near Manistique) but it’s believed to be about the lake in upper New York state.

Is there a place called Indian Lake?

Indian Lake (formerly Lewistown Reservoir) is a reservoir in Logan County, western Ohio, in the United States. It is approximately 20 miles (32 km) southeast of Lima. It is fed by the north and south forks of the Upper Great Miami River, Cherokee Mans Run, Blackhawk Creek, and Van Horn Creek.

Did the Cowsills live in Ohio?

The Cowsills lived on West End Ave. in Canton, Ohio from 1959-1961 (or 1958-1960). Also, they had houses on Smith Street and out on Myers Lake and attending St. Joseph’s school.

Who wrote Indian Lake by the Cowsills?

He is as excited as ever to play music with his siblings, to meet and talk to fans. “The atmosphere is very dramatic and cool and rock ‘n’ roll to us,” Bob says of the SteelStacks property. “We can’t wait to get to Bethlehem.” The Cowsills story begins in Newport, R.I., where the Cowsills grew up.

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Which cowsills have died?

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