Which cold drink came first in India?

Introduced in the Indian market in 1952, Gold Spot was one of the most popular soft drink in the country for a while. The orange flavored drink was a carbonated soft drink manufactured by Parle led by Ramesh Chauhan.

Which was the first cold drink in India?


Type Lemon-lime soda
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin India
Introduced 1977
Related products Coca-Cola, 7 Up, Sprite

Which is the first cold drink?

In 1886 John Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia, invented Coca-Cola, the first cola drink.

Which is Indian cold drink brand?

Share of soft drink brands across India in 2016

Characteristic Share of brands
Maaza 29.7%
Bisleri 24.6%
Sprite 20.4%
Frooti 19.8%

Which cold drinks are made in India?

20 Indian soft drinks brands to quench your thirst

  • Citra. …
  • Mangola. …
  • RimZim. …
  • Bejois. …
  • Acquired from Parle along with Mazaa, Limca, Citra and Thums Up by Coca Cola India in 1993, Gold Spot had kids and young adults hooked on its ‘zing thing’ taste and cool image. …
  • Rooh Afza. …
  • Appy & Appy Fizz.
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When did cold drinks start in India?

The inventor of Vimto, John Noel Nichols, introduced the soft drink in India in 1920.

Which is the most popular cold drink in India?

Sprite is the most selling soft drink brand in India followed by Thums Up and Pepsi.

  • Mountain Dew– Mountain Dew is the PepsiCo patented carbonated soft drink brand. …
  • Maaza– Mazaa is a cold drink with a mango flavor and is most popular in it.

Which came first Coke or Pepsi?

Coke came before Pepsi, although only by a few years. Dr. John S. Pemberton created Coca Cola in 1886 while Pepsi did not come about until 1893.

What is the oldest soft drink?

Everybody knows that Dr. Pepper was first served at the 1885 Louisiana Purchase Exposition a full year before Coca-Cola was introduced to the market, making it the oldest soda still available in the world.

Who invented cold beverages?

Within a decade of the invention of carbonated water by Joseph Priestley in 1767 inventors in Britain and in Europe had used his concept to produce the drink in greater quantities, with one such inventor, J. J. Schweppe, forming Schweppes in 1783 and selling the world’s first bottled soft drink.

Is Fanta Indian?

Fanta originated in Germany as a Coca-Cola substitute in 1940 due to the American trade embargo of Nazi Germany which affected the availability of Coca-Cola ingredients. Fanta soon dominated the German market with three million cans sold in 1943. The current formulation of Fanta was developed in Italy in 1955.

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Is Appy Fizz Indian brand?

Appy Fizz is a product by Parle Agro, introduced in India in 2005. Appy Fizz consists of carbonated apple juice, and can be used as the basis for cocktails.

Who owns Limca?

Ramesh Chauhan: Creator of Thums Up and Limca to launch a functional fortified drink – The Economic Times.

Which is the most famous cold drink?

Top 10 Soft Drinks

  • Coca-Cola.
  • Pepsi.
  • Diet Coke.
  • Dr Pepper.
  • Mountain Dew.
  • Sprite.
  • Diet Pepsi.
  • Coke Zero.

Who owns Dr Pepper?

In 2008, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc., the parent company of Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., was established following the spinoff of Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB) from Cadbury Schweppes plc.

Which cold drink is most harmful in India?

Published: Friday 07 October 2016

Toxic substance (mg/L)
Brand Antimony Lead
Pepsi 0.029 0.011
Coca Cola 0.006 0.009
Sprite 0.015 0.007