Which Indian fruit is equal to avocado?

Many are perhaps not aware of cashew fruits, but this fruit is produced in abundance in India. The freshly available fruit contains a generous amount of iron and sodium in it. Both of these nutrients are also found in avocados, making them great to regulate muscle and nerve functioning.

Which fruit is equal to avocado?

Bananas. Thanks to banana’s texture, it’s the perfect substitute for creamy avocado. “Like avocados, bananas offer smoothies a smooth texture and consistency.

What is avocado fruit called in India?

It is known as “butter fruit” in parts of India.

What is a good replacement for avocado?

5 avocado alternatives you need to try

  • 5 avocado alternatives.
  • Smashed banana. Thanks to its similar texture, banana is another toast-topper that also works in place of avocado in most recipes.
  • Almond, cashew or peanut butter. …
  • Edamame. …
  • Chia seeds. …
  • Hummus.

What is the Indian substitute for avocado?

Taste-wise, the best substitute for avocado is home-made mayonnaise, flax (linseed) oil or virgin coconut oil. The creamy texture and the flavour of hummus or peanut butter also make a good substitute for avocado with toast. Spread it onto a sandwich or use it as a dip when you’re snacking.

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Is Indian avocado good?

Indian avocados on the other hand have a lower oil percentage (around 12 percent) making the texture slightly less creamy but a little more nutty in flavour. … Both avocados are equally nutritious and equally delicious, especially when cut open at the right time.

Is avocado an Indian fruit?

Avocado is a native of tropical America. It originated in Mexico and Central America, possibly from more than one wild species. … Avocado is the most nutritive among fruits and is regarded as the most important contribution of the New World to human diet. The fruit is relished by some people, but not by others.

Are avocados Indian?

Unlike native Indian fruits such as carambola (starfruit), bael (wood apple), phalsa (sherbet berry) or targola (ice apple), the avocado is not indigenous to the country at all. The fruit possibly originated in Mexico, with discoveries of ancient pits going as far as 10,000 years ago.

Is butter fruit and avocado same?

The fruit of the plant avocado is also called as butter fruit or avocado pear or alligator pear, it is a berry containing a single large seed. … Avocado is a unique fruit as most of the fruits are dense in carbohydrates, whereas butter fruit is loaded with healthy fats rendering a host of healing health benefits.

Which is healthier banana or avocado?

In particular, they’re rich in blood-pressure-lowering potassium and fiber. (Avocados have more potassium than bananas.) Half an avocado contains almost 5 grams of fiber, about 20 percent of the amount you need in a day.

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Why avocados are so expensive?

Avocados planted from seed can take 5-13 years to flower and produce fruit. So, farmers have to increase the price to compensate for the initial investment of time by the farmer.

Is it OK to eat an avocado every day?

Eating an avocado a day is good for your health. … A 2018 analysis of 10 studies found an increase in HDL (protective cholesterol) in people who consumed an average of 1 to 3.7 avocados daily. While this might seem like a lot of avocados, remember that most guacamole recipes utilize about one avocado per person.

Why avocado is so expensive in India?

Narrator: All of this produce requires an astonishing amount of labor. Even once grown, pruned, and picked, avocados need costly distribution methods in order to be delivered fresh and ripe to far-flung corners of the world.

What is the cost of avocado in India?

Questions & Answers on Avocado

Variety Available Min Price Max Price
Avocado Rs 130/Kg Rs 400/Kg