Which is first book village in India?

A village that very few know of, Bhilar has found its place on the map by being India’s first ever book village or Pustakanche Gaav. The initiative, inspired by Britain’s Hay-on-Wye (the only other book village in the world), is undertaken by the Maharashtra government to encourage reading.

Which is the first book village?

It was accorded the honour on June 19, celebrated as National Reading Day. On June 19, Perumkulam, a village in Kerala’s Kollam district, was declared a Pusthaka Gramam (village of books) by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Which is the first book village in Kerala?

The small Kerala village, Perumkulam, has several of these boxes waiting for their readers. It is the state’s first “Pusthaka Gramam” or book village.

Which village is known as Village of books?

The small village of Bhilar, also known as ‘Books Village’, has set an example worth emulating for others by a creating a library in almost every household. “This concept was brought to India by Vinod Tawde.

Why is Bihar known as Village of books?

Bhilar is known as the ‘Village of Books. ‘ Every household in the village maintains a library for the tourists to enjoy. This idea was the brainchild of the Maharashtra State Government. Their objective was to make the tourists familiar with Marathi literature, thereby imbibing within them a robust ‘Reading Culture’.

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Which is the village of books?

Pustakanch Gaav (English: Village of Books) is a special library in Bhilar, Maharashtra that opened on May 4, 2017. The initiative was conceptualized and led by Vinod Tawde, Minister of Cultural Affairs and Marathi Language and inaugurated by Devendra Fadnavis, Ex. Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Who is the author of village India book?

Kundalatha (or Kundalata, Malayalam: കുന്ദലത) is a novel by Appu Nedungadi, published in 1887. It is considered to be the first Malayalam novel.

Which is the second largest novel in Malayalam?

Avakasikal (The Inheritors) is a Malayalam-language novel by Vilasini (M. K. Menon) published in 1980. It runs into 3958 pages, in four volumes, and is the second longest novel written in any Indian language after Jeymohan’s Tamil epic Venmurasu.

Which is Asia’s largest library?

The Maulana Azad Library is the central library of Aligarh Muslim University in Aligarh, India. It is the largest university library in Asia. The seven-storey building is surrounded by 4.75 acres (1.92 ha) of lawns and gardens.

Maulana Azad Library.

Branches 110
Size 1.8 million volumes
Access and use
Circulation 60565

Who wrote the book The Rise of Maratha power?

Village of Books

Every house in this village maintains a library. This is an initiative taken by the Maharashtra state government to make tourists aware of Marathi literature.

What types of books are there in Village of books of Bhilari village?

On offer will be fiction, poetry, books on religion, women and children, history, environment, folk literature, biographies and autobiographies.

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