Which is the 29th state of India and its capital?

Which are the 29 states of India and their capitals?

29 States of India and Their Capitals and Languages

Name of the State Capital City Official Languages
Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar English
Assam Dispur Assamese
Bihar Patna Hindi
Chhattisgarh Raipur Chhattisgarhi

Which is the 29th state in India?

Telangana was created on 2 June 2014 from ten former districts of north-western Andhra Pradesh.

What is the capital of all 29 states?

List of Indian States and Union Territories and Their Capitals

State Capital Population
Haryana Chandigarh 2,53,51,462
Himachal Pradesh Shimla 68,64,602
Jharkhand Ranchi 3,29,88,134
Karnataka Bangalore 6,10,95,297

Which is the 29 states of India and when was is formed?

In 1968, Madras was renamed as Tamil Nadu. On January 21, 1972, the three states of Meghalaya, Manipur, and Tripura in the northeast were formed.

State formation in India.

States Madhya Pradesh
Zone Central
Capital Bhopal
Founded Year 1. Nov. 1956
Official Languages Hindi
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What are the 28 states and capitals?

List of 28 States and Capitals of India 2021

Sl.No. States Capital
1 Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
2 Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar
3 Assam Dispur
4 Bihar Patna

How many states and their capitals in India?

India now has 28 states and 8 UTs

S.NO State Capital
1 Andhra Pradesh Amaravati
2 Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar
3 Assam Dispur
4 Bihar Patna

Is it 28 or 29 states in India?

States and Union Territories

India, a union of states, is a Sovereign, Secular, Democratic Republic with a Parliamentary system of Government. … There are 28 states and 8 Union territories in the country. Union Territories are administered by the President through an Administrator appointed by him/her.

What are the 29 states and 7 union territories?

There are 29 states and seven Union territories in the country. Let’s take a look at the states and their capitals.

  • Andhra Pradesh – Amravati. Amravati city plan. ( …
  • Arunachal Pradesh – Itanagar. …
  • Assam – Dispur. …
  • Bihar – Patna. …
  • Chhattisgarh – Atal Nagar (Naya Raipur) …
  • Goa – Panaji. …
  • Gujarat – Gandhinagar. …
  • Haryana – Chandigarh.

What is the capital of all states?


No. State Administrative / Executive capital
8 Haryana Chandigarh
9 Himachal Pradesh Shimla
10 Jharkhand Ranchi
11 Karnataka Bengaluru

What are the 29 states of India and their capitals PDF?

Indian States and Capital List 2020

  • Andhra Pradesh- Amravati/Hyderabad.
  • Arunachal Pradesh- Itanagar.
  • Assam- Dispur.
  • Bihar- Patna.
  • Chhatisgarh- Naya Raipur.
  • Goa- Panaji.
  • Gujarat- Gandhi Nagar.
  • Haryana – Chandigarh.

What are the 28 states and capitals of India?

Here is the list of 28 States in India and Their Capitals

  • Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad) …
  • Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar) …
  • Assam (Dispur) …
  • Bihar (Patna) …
  • Chhattisgarh (Raipur) …
  • Gujarat (Gandhinagar) …
  • Haryana – Chandigarh (Shared with Punjab) …
  • Himachal Pradesh (Shimla)
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Which is the 27th state of India?

Uttarakhand was formed on the 9th November 2000 as the 27th State of India, when it was carved out of northern Uttar Pradesh. Located at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges, it is largely a hilly State, having international boundaries with China (Tibet) in the north and Nepal in the east.

What is the capital of Andhra Pradesh?

India Creates Three New States (2000)

In the fall 2000, the Government of India, pursuant to legislation passed by Parliament during the summer, created three new states, Chhattisgarh, Uttaranchal, and Jharkhand, reconstituting Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, respectively.