Which is the second largest state in South India?

With an area of 1,91,791 sq km, Karnataka leads the ‘pack’ in the South, followed by what now remains of Andhra Pradesh (popularly called the Seemandhra region) with 1,60,205 sq km of area.

Which is the largest state in South India?

Andhra Pradesh is the biggest south Indian state with an area that comes fourth in India and a population that is fifth in the country. In size, Karnataka comes next to Andhra Pradesh among the southern states, and in population, third after Andhra Pradesh and Page 8 3 Tamil Nadu.

Which South Indian state is best?

Kerala topped the list for a third consecutive year while Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Gujarat followed it. Kerala stands as the best governed state in the country and Karnataka is in the fourth position, said the Public Affairs Index 2018 released by the think tank Public Affairs Centre (PAC) here.

Which is the second richest state in south India?

Tamil Nadu is the second largest state economy after Maharashtra with a gross state domestic product of ₹2,134,395 crore (US$280 billion). With GDP per capita of $3,000 it ranks fourth among Indian states.

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Which is the largest South Indian city?

The list of cities in South India, as per their population.

List of South Indian cities by population.

Rank City Population
1 Bangalore 84,43,675
2 Hyderabad 67,31,790
3 Chennai 46,46,732
4 Visakhapatnam 17,28,128

Which is the second largest state in India?


Rank State or union territory Area
1 Uttar Pradesh 240,928 km2 (93,023 sq mi)
2 Maharashtra 307,713 km2 (118,809 sq mi)
3 Bihar 94,163 km2 (36,357 sq mi)
4 West Bengal 88,752 km2 (34,267 sq mi)

Which Southern state is the biggest?

The most populous states in the region as of the 2020 United States census are Florida (21,538,187), followed by Georgia (10,711,908) and North Carolina (10,439,388).

Most populous states.

State South Carolina
2010 census 4,625,364
Change +10.66%
Land area 30,061 sq mi (77,857 km2)
Density 170.3/sq mi (65.7/km2)

Which South Indian language is easy?

Your best bet would be Tamil. It is fairly easy to learn and would help you branch out and learn the other south indian languages easier.

Which Indian state is richest?


Rank State/Union Territory Nominal GDP ₹ lakh crore = INR trillions; USD billions
1 Maharashtra ₹26.61 lakh crore (US$370 billion)
2 Tamil Nadu ₹20.92 lakh crore (US$297 billion)
3 Uttar Pradesh ₹17.05 lakh crore (US$240 billion)
4 Gujarat ₹16.48 lakh crore (US$230 billion)

Which state in India has the prettiest girl?

Originally Answered: Which Indian state has the most beautiful women? Considering the 21st , Kerala is have to some of the most beautiful and talented women in India.

Here is the list:

  • West Bengal.
  • Andaman and Nicobar.
  • Chandigarh.
  • Dadar and Nagar Haweli.
  • Daman and Diu.
  • Delhi.
  • Lakshadweep.
  • Puducherry.
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Which is the No 1 state in India?

Uttar Pradesh has the 240,928 km2 of land.

Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in India in terms of population.

S. No. State Name Population (As per Census 2011)
1 Uttar Pradesh 199,812,341

Which is poorest state in India?

Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh have emerged as the poorest states in India, according to Niti Aayog’s Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI). As per the index, 51.91 per cent population of Bihar is poor, followed 42.16 per cent in Jharkhand, 37.79 per cent in Uttar Pradesh.

Is Tamil Nadu rich state?

Tamil Nadu is the second wealthiest state in India by GDP and is the most industrialised state in India. More than 60% of the state is urbanized, accounting around 10.6% of the urban population in the country, while only comprising 6% of India’s total population.

Is Chennai bigger than Bangalore?

Currently, the area of Chennai is 1,189 sq km, Mumbai 4,354 sq km, Hyderabad 7,100 sq km and Bengaluru 8,005 sq km. …

Which is the richest city in South India?

Chennai – Detroit Of South Asia

With a major contribution in India’s IT sector, Chennai is also one of the richest places in India bragging a $78.6 billion GDP approximately. The automobile industry is the most important aspect of Chennai’s economy.

Who was the greatest king of South India?

Top 25 Rulers of the South India | Indian History

  • Ruler # 1. Pulakesin II (610 or 611-642 A.D.): …
  • Ruler # 2. Vikramaditya I (655-681 A.D.): …
  • Ruler # 3. Dantidurga (753-758 A.D.): …
  • Ruler # 4. Krishna I (758-773 A.D.): …
  • Ruler # 5. Govinda II (773-780 A.D.): …
  • Ruler # 6. Dhruva (780-793 A.D.): …
  • Ruler # 7. …
  • Ruler # 8.
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