Who is the new sponsor of Indian cricket team?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced that MPL Sports, the athleisure wear and sports merchandise brand from Mobile Premier League, is the new kit sponsor and official merchandise partner for the Indian cricket team.

Who is the sponsor of Indian cricket team?

MPL Sports, an arm of an online gaming platform, has been announced as the official kit sponsor and merchandise partner of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Why did Nike leave Indian team?

“No sporting apparel major was ready to pay that kind of money that Nike paid in current economic climate (due to COVID-19). “One of the major reasons being merchandise items being very costly for common public,” the source said. Get the latest updates on IND vs NZ 2021, check out the Schedule and Live Score .

Is Nike sponsor of Indian cricket team?

The deal was cleared by the Board Of Cricket Control In India (BCCI) on November 2. Nike had a five-year deal during which they paid INR 370 Cr from 2016 to 2020. MPL Sports deal three-year agreement will be from November 2020 to December 2023.

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Who is the best captain of India?

Test match captains

A total of 33 players have captained India in test matches, of which Virat Kohli is the most successful with 38 wins. The table of results is by end of first test of New Zealand cricket team in India in 2021–22 tour and are correct as of November 2021.

Who is No 1 cricket team in the world?


Rank Team Points
1 New Zealand 2764
2 India 2987
3 Australia 1844
4 England 3753

Does MPL make Jersey?

MPL Sports, the athleisure, merchandise and sporting equipment brand, on Wednesday, unveiled the official jersey of the Indian team for 2021.

Who founded BCCI?

Grant Govan was its first president and Anthony De Mello was first secretary. BCCI have two International Cricket teams which represent India in International Cricket, that is India men’s national cricket team and India women’s international cricket team.

Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Operating income US$2.8 Billion (FY 2018-19)
Official website

Does Nike sponsor Cricket?

Big Bash 2021 joins hands with Nike

Following up on the success of their mammoth INR 370 crore deal with the BCCI – which lasted from 2016 to 2020, after which they were replaced by current sponsors, MPL – Nike’s iconic swoosh will now adorn the jerseys of all the BBL and WBBL 2021 players.

Is MPL Indian?

Homegrown: MPL Sports is 100% homegrown, and all the products are processed and made in India.

Who will sponsor team India for Tokyo Olympics?

Tokyo Olympics: Herbalife joins MPL, Amul and JSW as sponsor for India team. Nine days ahead of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) on Wednesday roped in global nutrition company Herbalife as one of its sponsors.

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Who sponsors Nike?

The Most Influential Nike-Sponsored Athletes Right Now

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo. Sport: World Football (Soccer)
  2. LeBron James. Sport: Basketball. …
  3. Kevin Durant. Sport: Basketball. …
  4. Rafael Nadal. Sport: Tennis. …
  5. Tiger Woods. Sport: Golf. …
  6. Russell Westbrook. Sport: Basketball. …
  7. Carmelo Anthony. Sport: Basketball. …
  8. Chris Paul. Sport: Basketball. …

Who is worst captain in India?

MS Dhoni officially India’s WORST captain in AWAY test matches

  • Indian captains with most away Test defeats:
  • MS Dhoni: 11.
  • MAK Pataudi, Mohammad Azharuddin and Sourav Ganguly: 10 each.
  • Bishan S Bedi: 8.
  • Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar: 6 each.

Who is the next captain of India?

Virat Kohli Hints Rohit Sharma As Next Captain Of Indian T20 Cricket Team. Rohit Sharma has led Mumbai Indians to five IPL titles. He has been Virat Kohli’s deputy in the Indian team.

Who is the God of IPL?


Player Nationality Last
Saurav Ganguly India 2012
Shreyas Iyer India 2020
Suresh Raina India 2019
Kane Williamson New Zealand 2021