Why did they feel that Alcatraz Island made for a suitable Indian reservation?

We moved onto Alcatraz Island because we feel that Indian people need a Cultural Center of their own. For several decades, Indian people have not had enough control of training their young people. And without a cultural center of their own, we are afraid that the old Indian ways may be lost.

Why did they feel that Alcatraz Island made for a suitable Indian Reservation quizlet?

They identified reservations as the problem because they removed American Indian’s from society, so they thought they were doing them a favor by moving them to the cities. They thought that the cities would give them better opportunities, such as jobs and education.

What was the purpose of the Alcatraz Proclamation?

Using language developed during the Indian Tribes’ occupation of Alcatraz from November 1969 to June 1971, the Alcatraz Proclamation addresses the US government—and more broadly the history of white settlers—with demands based on historical precedents and to call attention to the conditions Indians live in.

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Why did the Indians of All Tribes take Alcatraz Island quizlet?

Many of the indians viewed the island as a symbol of governement indiffrence towards the indigenous population, and was one of the main reasons why claiming the Island was so important to them. So Alcatraz happen to be the perfect oppurtunity to reclaim some of their land and start their reclamation.

What does the Alcatraz Proclamation reveal about the Indian view of US history quizlet?

What does this the Alcatraz Proclamation reveal about the Native American population in the late twentieth century? They still struggled with the effects of centuries of discriminatory and damaging policies.

What is the argument of NCAI’s proud to be commercial?

What is the argument of NCAI’s “Proud to Be” commercial? Native Americans are diverse peoples with their own unique traditions while living modern lives, and they are proud of their variety of different roles in society.

What happened to the Alcatraz Proclamation?

The treaty returned to Native peoples all retired, abandoned and out-of use federal lands. When Alcatraz penitentiary closed in 1963, the U.S. declared the island as surplus federal property. So Red Power activists reclaimed it.

What types of rhetorical strategies does the Alcatraz Proclamation use?

Background​: The ​Alcatraz Proclamation​ uses a rhetorical strategy of irony to emphasize the injustices done to Native Americans in the past and at that time, 1969. Irony works by using the words and phrases of the opposite side to embarrass them.

What was the significance of the location for the 1969 occupation of Alcatraz quizlet?

What was the significance of the location for the 1969 Occupation of Alcatraz? – The occupation on Alcatraz Island was symbolic because it was an actual deserted prison island, which was equivalent to the current inadequate living conditions for many Native Americans on reservations.

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What is the Indian Civil Rights Act known for?

What is the Indian Civil Rights Act (IRCA)? It is a federal law. It says Indian tribal governments cannot pass or enforce laws that violate certain individual rights. … Congress adopted the ICRA to make sure tribal governments respect basic rights of Indians and non-Indians.

Who was Cesar Chavez quizlet?

Cesar Chavez (born César Estrada Chávez, locally: [ˈsesaɾ esˈtɾaða ˈtʃaβes]; March 31, 1927 – April 23, 1993) was an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist, who, with Dolores Huerta, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (later the United Farm Workers union, UFW).

What is the Indian Civil Rights Act known for quizlet?

Significance: It extending part of the Bill of Rights to individual Indians against tribal governments. It also guaranteed equal protection of the law. This means that Native Americans’ civil rights would be protected but they would also be able to govern themselves in sovereignty.

What does self determination mean amind?

Self Determination. – The process by which a country determines its own statehood and forms its own allegiances and government.

What is the tone of the Alcatraz Proclamation?

Upon landing on the island the occupiers issued a proclamation explaining why they were taking it over and what they wanted the government to do. Read the proclamation and answer the following questions. 1. Throughout the first part of the proclamation the tone is a mix of pride, sarcasm, and determination.