Why did traders come to India?

When European trading companies discovered India, they found goods in India that they could buy at cheaper rates and sell them in Europe at an enormous rate. India is a producer of fine qualities of silk and cotton and silk and cotton have a huge market in Europe.

Why did European traders came to India?

European trading companies were attracted to India because of a number of reasons: … → The European trading companies purchased goods at cheaper and sold them in Europe at the higher prices. → The fine qualities of cotton and silk produced in India had a big market in Europe.

For what purpose did the European trading companies come to India in the 16th century?

Answer: They came in India in order to trade. they bought raw materials from India like Cotton at cheap price and make product out of it in their country and sell in India at higher prices…

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Who was the first trader to land in India?

So they searched for new sea route and in 1498, Vasco da Gama of Portugal discovered new sea route via Cape of Good Hope to India. Later in India Portugal established its trading settlements at Goa, Cochin and Diu & Daman. After Portuguese, Dutch entered India followed by English and French.

Who first came to India for trading purpose?

The correct answer is Portuguese. Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama was the first European to reach India via the Atlantic Ocean at Calicut in India. Portuguese were followed by the Dutch when they tried to enter the Indian market in the middle of the 16th century.

Why was EIC interested in India?

The British East India Company came to India as traders in spices, a very important commodity in Europe back then as it was used to preserve meat. Apart from that, they primarily traded in silk, cotton, indigo dye, tea and opium. They landed in the Indian subcontinent on August 24, 1608, at the port of Surat.

What was the importance of the Indian trade for the British?

Answer: The britishers has a profit in trading with India because they used to buy materials in cheaper price and sell them in their country in expensive price or cost . as we all know that, India is a rich country. so, the britishers used the indian materials to develop their country .

Who ruled India before Mughals?

The Ghaznavid Empire gradually moved in and conquered India and later the Delhi Sultanate, a Delhi-based Muslim kingdom that stretched over large parts of India from 1206–1526, the fall of which eventually led to the Mughal rule in the country. By 1500 AD, the Rajput states had established their presence.

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Who Came in India first?

Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama becomes the first European to reach India via the Atlantic Ocean when he arrives at Calicut on the Malabar Coast. Da Gama sailed from Lisbon, Portugal, in July 1497, rounded the Cape of Good Hope, and anchored at Malindi on the east coast of Africa.

Why did European trading companies come to India Class 8?

European trading companies were looking for new lands from which they could buy goods at a cheap price and carry them back to Europe to sell at higher prices. … These were the reasons that attracted European trading companies to India.

Why did the European trading companies want to establish trading alliances with India?

European trading companies of great opportunities in trade with india. They could buy goods at a cheap price in india and carry them back to europe to select higher prices. This opportunity attracted them to india.

How did the European traders reach India?

Answer: Near the end of the 15th century, Portugese sailor Vasco Da Gama became the first European to establish direct trade links with India since Roman times by being the first to arrive by circumnavigating Africa. He arrived at calicut and obtained permission to trade from the king.

Why did Britishers leave India?

1947: Partition of India

During World War Two, the British had mobilised India’s resources for their imperial war effort. They crushed the attempt of Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian National Congress to force them to ‘quit India’ in 1942. … For this reason, Britain was desperate to keep India (and its army) united.

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Who ruled India before British?

The Mughals ruled over a population in India that was two-thirds Hindu, and the earlier spiritual teachings of the Vedic tradition remained influential in Indian values and philosophy. The early Mughal empire was a tolerant place. Unlike the preceding civilisations, the Mughals controlled a vast area of India.