Your question: What is the business model of Cloudtail India?

How does Cloudtail India work?

Cloudtail is not involved in each and every product line,It only deals into branded product. They purchase directly from the factory or FIRST LINE of sellers with huge investment and huge they sell at a price where you cant compete with them.

Why is Cloudtail closing?

BENGALURU/NEW DELHI : It’s the end of the road for Cloudtail India Pvt. … Narayana Murthy’s Catamaran Ventures and Amazon India decided to end their seven-year-old partnership amid rising government scrutiny into operations of US e-commerce firms for alleged violations of foreign investment rules.

What is the relation between Cloudtail and Amazon?

Cloudtail India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prione Business Services. Prione is a joint venture between Catamaran and Amazon. The two partners are going to exit from the business at a time when there is stricter surveillance on the operations of the foreign e-commerce marketplaces in the country.

Is Cloudtail an Amazon company?

Narayana Murthy’s Catamaran, the parent firm of Cloudtail, and Amazon launched the joint venture in the country in 2014. The joint venture restructured its ownership in 2019 following India’s regulatory changes — more on this shortly. … Cloudtail is one of the largest sellers on Amazon in India.

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Is Cloudtail a good company?

Cloudtail is the fastest growing retail company in India. Every role I have been a part of in here has given me opportunity to learn and grow as an entreprenuer. Every role of mine has had a good mix of Total Ownership of the business, need to be a great hustler and driven by absolute Customer obsession.

What is the meaning of Cloudtail?

Cloudtail India Private Limited is an online retailer which sells variety of goods to customers in India. Cloudtail offers over 30 lakh products across multiple categories like Books, Media, Apparel, Shoes, Furniture, Appliances, Consumables, etc. and has buying relationships with brands across the world.

Does Cloudtail sell fake products?

Did not realize that Cloudtail India sells such fake products online.

What will happen to Cloudtail?

Cloudtail India, one of the largest sellers on Amazon in India, will cease operations next May. … Indian rules currently prohibit a foreign entity running an online marketplace and its group companies from owning equity in any of the sellers on the platform or having control over their inventory.

Is Cloudtail listed?

With this change, Cloudtail ceases to be an Amazon group company and becomes eligible to sell on the marketplace. Cloudtail also has independent plans. It will list on online marketplaces Snapdeal, Indiamart and other sites, and will also have its own website. However, it will not list on Flipkart.

Is FBA and Cloudtail same?

Absolutely, special preference is being given to some sellers. As for a similar product to be sold through FBA, charges are four times higher compare to product sold by Cloudtail. Therefore, it is not viable to sell through FBA route.

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Will Cloudtail cease to exist?

Amazon’s Largest Seller Cloudtail India will Cease to Exist in May 2022 Amid Regulatory Heat. The partnership between the two parties was due for renewal in May 2022 and they decided not to renew the deal considering the recent developments and policy changes in the country.

Who is Appario retail?

Appario Retail – which sells goods across segments like smartphones, electronics and other items — is a wholly owned subsidiary of Frontizo Business Services, the JV unit of Amazon and the Patni Group. While Appario Retail is the online seller, Frontizo powers Amazon India’s customer care services.

Does Flipkart sell fake products?

In reality, it has never been Flipkart that was selling fake products, it has always been the sellers who have registered themselves on this platform to sell their products. Flipkart is just a medium that is delivering you the product.

Does Amazon sell fake products?

While counterfeits remain a problem for unsuspecting Amazon customers, the e-commerce giant said that “fewer than 0.01 percent of all products sold on Amazon received a counterfeit complaint from customers” in 2020.

What is Cloudtail Appario?

According to the Reuters report, while Cloudtail was referred to as “Special Merchant” or “SM” in internal documents, Appario was referred to as “SM2.” Amazon “estimated the two special merchants would together account for about half of the sales on its platform,” the report stated.