Best answer: Who was the first captain of Indian Test team answer?

Cottari Kanakaiya Nayudu is also known as CK, was the first captain of the Indian cricket team in Test matches.

Who was the first captain of Indian Test team Vijay Hazare CK Nayudu Lala Amarnath Vijay Merchant?

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Lala Amarnath was the 1st recipient of this award.

Who is the No 1 captain in Test cricket?

According to many experts, Steve Waugh is arguably the most excellent captain of the modern era. The world record winning percentage for a Test captain is 71.92. He won 41 tests out of 57 matches captained by Australia. However, MS Dhoni delivered the most balanced performance.

Who are the captains of Indian cricket team?

As of November 21, 2021, India is ranked second in Tests, fourth in ODIs and second in T20Is by the ICC. Virat Kohli is the current captain of the team in Tests and ODIs, while Rohit Sharma is the current captain of the team in T20Is; the head coach is Rahul Dravid.

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Who is first player in cricket?

Lala Amarnath Bharadwaj (11 September 1911 – 5 August 2000) was the first batsman to score a century for the India national cricket team in Test cricket.

Lala Amarnath.

Competition Test First-class
Matches 24 186
Runs scored 878 10,426
Batting average 24.38 41.37
100s/50s 1/4 31/39

Who is the first player of Indian cricket team?

India’s first captain was CK Nayudu, who led the team in four matches against England, one in England in 1932 and a series of 3 matches at home in 1933/4. Lala Amarnath, India’s fourth captain, led the team in its first Test match after Indian independence.

Who is worst captain in India?

MS Dhoni officially India’s WORST captain in AWAY test matches

  • Indian captains with most away Test defeats:
  • MS Dhoni: 11.
  • MAK Pataudi, Mohammad Azharuddin and Sourav Ganguly: 10 each.
  • Bishan S Bedi: 8.
  • Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar: 6 each.

Who is best Test captain in world?

Most Test wins as captain

Player Mat Won
GC Smith (ICC/SA) 109 53
RT Ponting (AUS) 77 48
Steve Waugh (AUS) 57 41
V Kohli (INDIA) 63 37

Who is vice captain of India?

India’s Test vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane has been named the skipper of the side for the first Test match in absence of regular captain Virat Kohli, who will directly join the team for the second Test match in Mumbai.

Who is ODI captain in India?

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) reportedly wants to replace Virat Kohli with Rohit Sharma as Team India’s captain in ODIs after making Hitman the skipper in T20Is.

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Who is the father of cricket?

W. G. Grace

Personal information
Full name William Gilbert Grace
Born 18 July 1848 Downend, near Bristol, England
Died 23 October 1915 (aged 67) Mottingham, Kent, England
Nickname W. G., The Doctor, The Champion, The Big ‘Un, The Old Man

Who is the IPL king?

It is evident that Virat Kohli remains the undisputed king of IPL when anyone asks who is the ipl king. He is the first batsman to score 600 runs in IPL. The team only played the finals once under his captaincy but never won. Virat is the current cricket captain of India and the best batsman in the world.

Who invented cricket bat?

Bats incorporate a wooden spring design where the handle meets the blade. The current design of a cane handle spliced into a willow blade through a tapered splice was the invention in the 1880s of Charles Richardson, a pupil of Brunel and the first Chief Engineer of the Severn Railway Tunnel.