Is Chennai Terminal 4 international or domestic?

Chennai Airport Terminal 4 is the new International Terminal which opened its gates in late 2017. All the International flights take off at Terminal 4.

Where is Terminal 4 in Chennai airport?

Chennai Airport Terminal 4 opened its gates in late 2017. It is located at the south of Terminal 3, as another block.

Which terminal is international in Chennai?

Chennai International Airport Terminal 1 is the domestic terminal at Chennai Airport, also known as Kamaraj Terminal. Please note that both the Domestic Terminal 1 and the International Terminal 3 are located within the same terminal complex.

Is Chennai International and Domestic Airport the same?

The International & Domestic terminals are part of the same structure. Your issue is not really the distance between them which takes less than 10 minutes to get between on the Golf cart shuttle. Your issue is really the timely arrival of your inbound into Chennai and your immigration clearance time.

How many terminals are there in Chennai domestic airport?

Spread over an area 1323 acres, Chennai International Airport consists of three terminals: the old terminal at Meenambakkam (Terminal 2) used for cargo and the two terminals at the passenger terminal complex at Tirusulam (Terminals 1 and 3) used for domestic and international passenger operations, respectively.

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Is Terminal 1 domestic or international?

Mumbai Airport Terminal 1 stands for the Domestic Terminal and is also known as Santacruz Airport.

Is Terminal 2 domestic or international?

Terminal 1 caters to domestic passengers and Terminal 2 has international services besides domestic operations of some of the Indian airlines.

What is the name of Chennai domestic airport?

Madras International Meenambakkam Airport (MAA) In Chennai.

Which zone is Chennai airport?

Meenambakkam is a southern neighbourhood of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is home to Chennai International Airport, the Airports Authority of India regional office, and the DGQA Complex.

State Tamil Nadu
District Chennai district
Metro Chennai
Population (2016)

Is Chennai international airport open?

Chennai International Airport is now returning to international operations after a break of four months since the lockdown in India. … Moreover, travellers coming to Chennai from Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Delhi, or those coming in from abroad will need to take a COVID-19 test.

How many international airports are there in Chennai?

As of 2019, there are a total of seven airports in Tamil Nadu viz., Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, and Tiruchirapalli are international airports whereas Tuticorin, Salem and Pondicherry are domestic airports. There are two more domestic airports in Tamil Nadu named Neyveli airport and Vellore airport.

Which terminal does Air India fly from Chennai?


Minimum Connecting Time
International Terminal T3 (Domestic flight) Arrival to Departure from International Terminal 4 (for international flight) 2 hrs.
International Terminal T3 ( International flight) Arrival to Departure from International Terminal 4 (for domestic flight) 2 hrs.

How many international flights does Chennai have?

The Etihad Airways, Gulf Air and SriLankan Airlines are top 3 international airlines that operate flights from and to Chennai. How many international flights operate from Chennai? 1101 flights take off from Chennai to international destinations.

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How many international airports are there in Tamilnadu?

There are four international airports in Tamilnadu. These are as follows: Chennai international Airport. Coimbatore International Airport.

How many international airports are there in India?

How many International Airports are there in India? At present, there are 34 International Airports which are operational in India.