Quick Answer: What are the documents to prove citizenship in India?

The Delhi High Court has said that a passport is a valid document. However, the Bombay High Court held in 2013 that a passport alone is no proof of citizenship. Another Mumbai court held in 2019 that a passport is sufficient proof of citizenship.

What documents can be used as proof of citizenship?

You are a U.S. citizen if you have a:

  • Birth certificate showing birth in the United States;
  • Form N-550, Certificate of Naturalization;
  • Form N-560, Certificate of Citizenship;
  • Form FS-240, Report of Birth Abroad of United States Citizen; or.
  • Valid unexpired U.S. passport.

Is Aadhaar proof of citizenship?

PATNA: In an important ruling, Patna high court has observed mere possession of voter-ID card, PAN card or an Aadhaar card can’t be said to be proof of Indian citizenship.

How can I get citizenship certificate in India?

India – Obtain a Citizenship or Nationality Certificate

  1. Click here to apply for Indian Citizenship through online.
  2. Fill the online form in Block Letters.
  3. Furnish the exact information asked in the forms.
  4. After filling the online application form verify the details you have entered before hitting the submit.
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How can I prove my citizenship without a birth certificate?

Early public records like a baptism certificate, U.S. Census records, U.S. school records, a hospital birth certificate, a family bible record, doctor or medical records, or Form DS-10 Birth Affidavit are accepted.

How do I prove my state of citizenship?

Two documents containing consistent information that proves the applicant’s identity, such as:

  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. Social Security card.
  3. Marriage Certificate.
  4. Divorce Decree.
  5. Employer identification card.
  6. High School or College Diploma (including high school equivalency diplomas).
  7. Property deed or title document.

Is ration card proof of citizenship in India?

The court noted in its order that while Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license or ration card cannot be termed as proof of citizenship, a valid voter identity card can prove Indian citizenship. … The court held that these documents, issued by public authorities, are admissible in evidence.

Is voter ID required for passport?

Documents Required for a Fresh Passport

Election Photo ID card. Landline or Postpaid mobile bill. … Election Photo ID card. Spouse’s passport copy (First and last page of the passport that includes the details of the family and mentions applicants name as spouse of the passport holder).

Is Indian passport a national identity document?

India does not have a national identity document..

Does NEET 2021 require citizenship certificate?

But no, it’s not for Indian students. Those candidates are applying this examination from foreign, they are must needed this certificate. It’s only for NRI/OCI/ foreign nationals candidates. They are need there valid passport, issues of date, validity , place for this citizenship certificate.

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What is citizenship certificate in NEET?

Citizenship certificate is basically the proof of citizenship but you don’t need to bother about citizenship certificate unless you are a foreign applicant as it is for foreign applicants only. Your neet 2021 application/registration was divided in 2 parts:- 1st part/phase of registration before neet 2021 examination.

Is driving license a proof of citizenship?

The court also clarified that Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving licence or ration card cannot be termed as the documents proving citizenship as they are not meant for the purpose.