What percentage of India uses WhatsApp?

In fact, WhatsApp users in India made up nearly half (49 percent) of the total number of WhatsApp app downloads in the month of February 2020. In spite of its Californian roots, WhatsApp is surprisingly not as popular in the US as most would think, with just 68 million users in the country.

How many WhatsApp users left India?

WhatsApp users by country

Country Users
India 390 million
Brazil 108 million
United States 75 million
Indonesia 68 million

How many people downloaded WhatsApp in 2020?

32. WhatsApp was the 2nd most downloaded app worldwide in 2020. A staggering 600 million WhatsApp downloads in 2020 rank the app the second most downloaded worldwide. WhatsApp stats show the number is 44.8 million for the US and the ranking — ninth.

How many users does TikTok?

Where Does TikTok Rank in Social Media Popularity?

Social Network Active Users
Instagram 1.386 billion
Facebook Messenger 1.3 billion
Weixin / WeChat 1.242 billion
TikTok 1 billion

What country uses WhatsApp the most?

Global WhatsApp users in selected countries 2021

There are over 487 million WhatsApp users in India alone, making it the leading country in terms of WhatsApp audience size. Second-ranked Brazil had 118.5 million WhatsApp messenger users. WhatsApp is the mobile messenger is the most popular messaging service worldwide.

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How many people use Instagram in India?

As of October 2021, India was the leading country based on Instagram audience size with more than 201 million users accessing the photo and video sharing and editing app.

Which country banned WhatsApp?

Zambia restricted access to WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms, while voters in record numbers waited for as long as 10 hours to cast ballots in a tense presidential race.

How many users does FB have?

How many users does Facebook have? With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide.

How many YouTube users are there?

YouTube has more than 2 billion active users. YouTube Premium and Music together have more than 50 million subscribers in the world. More than ¼ of the world’s population use YouTube every month. Around half of the internet users around the world has access to YouTube.

How many users are on Instagram?

With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social networks worldwide. The social photo sharing app is especially popular in India and in the United States, which have respectively 201 million and 157 million Instagram users each.

Who uses Instagram the most?

As of October 2021, it was found that 17.9 percent of global active Instagram users were men between the ages of 18 and 24 years. More than half of the global Instagram population worldwide is aged 34 years or younger.

Does China use WhatsApp?

Around the world, people use WhatsApp to send messages to their friends, family, and groups. But not in China. You see, the Chinese government blocked WhatsApp back in 2017.

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Which country uses Google the most?

The search engine giant has a market share of 95.45 percent in India and accounted for the majority of the global search engine market, ahead of other competitors such as Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and Baidu.

Is WhatsApp used in USA?

WhatsApp usage has even stagnated in the United States while growing in large areas of the world. At least that’s according to a Pew Research Center report: WhatsApp was used by 22 percent of U.S. adults in 2018, but by 2019 the figure has dropped to 20 percent.