Why did it rain today in Mumbai?

Why does it rain in Mumbai?

Mumbai: The capital city of Maharashtra— Mumbai, is the most densely populated city in India, bounded by the Arabian Sea to the west. Over this vast body of water, southwesterly monsoon flow has strengthened to the point where it causes heavy rainfall.

Why did rain is coming?

Clouds are made of water droplets. Within a cloud, water droplets condense onto one another, causing the droplets to grow. When these water droplets get too heavy to stay suspended in the cloud, they fall to Earth as rain.

What is the climate of Mumbai today?

Weather in Mumbai. Today’s temperature in Mumbai is 22°c. Day’s maximum temperature would hover at 32°c, while minimum temperature is predicted to be 22°c.

Does it rain a lot in Mumbai?

* Weather data from: Mumbai, India. A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: June, July, August and September. … On average, July is the wettest month with 28.07 inch (713.0 mm) of precipitation. On average, March is the driest month with 0.01 inch (0.2 mm) of precipitation.

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Why does Mumbai receive heavy rainfall?

This is due to the difference in location. Mumbai is situated on the windward slope of the Western Ghats and so it receives more rainfall whereas Pune lies on the leeward side.

Why is Mumbai so hot?

Mumbai and Chennai have maritime climate as it is along the shoreline of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal respectively. … Due to the high specific heat capacity of water, the presence of a large amount of water is able to modify the climate of the nearby land areas, making them warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Why does it rain god?

Zeus Gives Mortals Rain

As Greek god of the skies, Zeus could control the weather, though he often used his lightning and thunderbolt to let those know he was displeased with something they had done. … Because of their prayers, Zeus gave mortals rain to restore their harvest.

Why is it raining so much in india 2021?

“A fresh spell of heavy to very heavy rainfall with isolated extremely heavy rainfall is likely over Tamil Nadu and south Coastal Andhra Pradesh during 9-11 November 2021 under the influence of a likely formation of a fresh low-pressure area,” IMD said in a statement, adding that a depression over the east-central …

What rain smells like?

Of course, rain itself has no scent. But moments before a rain event, an “earthy” smell known as petrichor does permeate the air. People call it musky, fresh — generally pleasant. … A byproduct of their activity is an organic compound called geosmin, which contributes to the petrichor scent.

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Why is Mumbai on high alert?

Mumbai has been put on high alert, with law-enforcement agencies renewing their focus on former Dawood gang members, after the Delhi police busted a terror module with IB inputs. … Sources said the surveillance by the agencies on these people is a little less when it comes to terror activities.

Is 40 percent a high chance of rain?

According to the National Weather Service, if you see a 40 percent chance of rain, “there is a 40 percent chance that rain will occur at any given point in the area.”

How many days does it rain in Mumbai?

Throughout the year, there are 78.9 rainfall days, and 2258mm (88.9″) of precipitation is accumulated.

Does Mumbai have snow?

The climate in Mumbai is usually hot and humid. So, it does not snow in Mumbai.

What was the hottest day in Mumbai?

On March 27, the city sizzled at 40.7 degrees Celsius, the highest of the season. “As we have already conveyed in our long-term forecast, it is going to be a hotter than normal summer season in Mumbai this year.

What language is spoken in Mumbai?

The 4 languages primarily spoken throughout the Mumbai Suburban District are Marathi, Hindi, English and Gujarati.