Your question: Which city is famous for cotton industry in India?

The prosperity of the industry was the mainstay of the city’s economy. It is called the “Manchester of India”. Thus, the Ahmedabad is officially famous for cotton textile works.

Where is the largest cotton industry in India?

Within the country, Maharashtra has the highest area under cultivation, at 41.2 lakh ha, followed by Gujarat at 27.1 lakh and Telangana at 17.9 lakh. Together, these three states account for 72% of the total cotton acreage in the country.

Which state is famous for cotton industry?

Maharashtra has about 122 cotton textile mills in its organised sector and it thus is the largest cotton producing state of India. Mumbai, which is the state capital has about 59 out of these 122 mills. It is also known as cottonopolis of India or Manchester of India.

Which city is the largest Centre of cotton textile industry in India?

Mumbai is the largest centre in India having 63 mills out of Maharashtra’s total of 122 mills. Mumbai is rightly called the Cottonopolis of India. Following are the main reasons of phenomenal growth of cotton textile industry in and around Mumbai.

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Which city is cotton city of India?

Mumbai is called the cotton city of India.

Which city is famous for textile industry?

Reasons for Textile concentration:

Wages in Haryana and Delhi are around Rs. 3,500 for a month and are comparatively higher than in Rajasthan.

Which city is known as textile city of India?

Tamil Nadu

City/town Nickname
Coimbatore (Kongu,Cheran) Textile City of India Manchester of South India Capital of Kongu Nadu Capital of Chera Nadu Engineering City of India Pump City of India Financial Capital of Tamil Nadu
Tiruppur Dollar City of India Textile Capital of Tamil Nadu Baniyan City Knit Wear Capital of India

Where is cotton region in India?

Cotton is a Kharif crop in the major parts of the country viz. Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and parts of Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. In these areas, the irrigated crop is sown from March-May and the rain fed crop in June-July with the commencement of the monsoon.

Which state is largest producer of cotton?


1. Gujarat 125
2. Maharashtra 85
3. Telangana 50
4. Karnataka 28

Which state produces most cotton?

According to 2014 estimates, the federal state of Texas, the nation’s top cotton producing state, accounted for more than 42 percent of the country’s total cotton production, followed by Georgia with roughly 18 percent. More than 2.38 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of.

Which city is called capital of cotton textile industry?

The textile industry of the city of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat in India dates back to the 19th century, when the city and the industry was established under the British raj. Textile mills employed thousands of people from across the state, and the cotton garments manufactured were exported across the world.

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Which city became the hub of cotton textiles?

During the 18th century when Great Britain’s Industrial Revolution took the world by storm, the industry which flourished the most was the cotton textile industry. Manchester was one such city that became the most famous and major textile manufacturing center in the world.

Which city is known as cotton city?

The city of Manchester, England, well known as the world’s first industrial city, is known by the name of “Cottonopolis” and in the nineteenth century, it was the home of the cotton industry in Britain. It was also famous as “Cotton City”.

Which is cotton city of Karnataka?


Raichur Rayachoor
Nickname(s): Cotton City
Raichur Location in Karnataka, India Show map of Karnataka Show map of India Show all
Coordinates:16.2°N 77.37°ECoordinates:16.2°N 77.37°E
Country India