Which one of the following is not responsible for weakening the Indian society?

Which is not responsible for weakening the Indian society?

Answer: Education is not responsible for weakening of society.

Which of the following has weakened the Indian society?

Discrimination and caste discrimination hierarchy is the main crisis.

What weakened the caste system in India?

(i) Efforts of social reformers like Phule, Gandhiji, Ambedkar against caste system have helped to promote a casteless society. (ii) Economic development has reduced the emphasis on caste. (iii) Large scale urbanisation has diminished the awareness of caste, as people rub shoulders in buses, trains and offices.

Which factor does not weaken the caste inequality?

Policy innovation adapted to the realities of caste is needed.

Which of the following is not true of caste?

Which of the following is not true of caste? It imposes several restrictions on its members. It imposes occupational limitations. Its members are usually not bound by any religious order.

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How the caste system affect the Indian society?

The caste system is a significant social system in India. One’s caste affects their options regarding marriage, employment, education, economies, mobility, housing and politics, among others.

How has the caste system harmed society class 6?

due to these caste system, the lower castes can’t enter the temples or where the higher castes enter. so, the caste system harms the sociecty. … The caste system consists of castes and subcastes which have consists of the dalits and untouchables who are treated poorly . hence caste system has harmed our society.

What are the disadvantages of caste system?

Caste system prohibited any physical Contact or communication between Brahmin and Shudra. Even if a Shudra was sighted by a Brahmin at certain house it was considered pollution. Shadow of Shudra failing on Brahmin would defile him. This it encourages untouchability.

What were the effects of the caste system on society?

It hindered national unity: The caste system developed a parochial feeling and made the people unduly conscious of their own castes. Many a time caste interests were given priority over national interest. Thus the whole system stood against the very concept of national unity.

Is caste system changing weakening or disintegrating in India?

Caste system is changing but not disintegrating. It is now focussing more on secular domain in contemporary times as compared to that of religious domain.

Which one of the following factors have weakened the caste inequalities?

did the starting part of establishing a society in which caste inequalities are absent. (ii) It has also weakened due to economic development, large-scale urbanisation, growth of literacy and education, occupational mobility, and the weakening of the position of landlords in the villages.

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Which factor has led to the weakening of caste hierarchy in India?

The growth in literacy and education of people also decreases the influence of caste hierarchy. Now the caste hierarchy is slowly disappearing from our society due to the influence of education.

What is caste inequality?

Caste inequality is one of the kinds of social inequality in which people are discriminated against on the basis of origin or caste. (i) It is the basic constituent of caste system. … (iii) The most detremental aspect of the caste inequality is the practice of untouchability.